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How It Works

IFB100 is a top sites list that is dedicated in showing you the best sites for Independent, Fundamental Baptists. Ranking of sites on IFB1000 can be changed to weekly by Rank By Hits In, Rank By Hits Out, and Rank By Pageviews. The default listing is Rank By Hits In.


  1. 1) A 'hits in' occurs when a person clicks on the IFB1000 button link on a members site's page. 
  2. 2) A 'hit out' is a hit IFB1000  sends to your web site. Whenever a person visits the IFB1000 site and clicks on a site, a hit out is recorded for that site.
  3. 3) A 'Pageview' shows how many unique visitors where on your website that day.

So take your time, visit the sites listed here, and leave a review of the web site so that it will benefit other users looking for sites.

Our listings are Google friendly so make sure that when you add your site that you use the code provided. If you do not use the code provided your website will be buried in our listing and will become hard to find. Thank you and God Bless.


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